Day 7

Tasting: hot cacao made with almond milk and maple syrup, toast with peanut butter and gooseberry jam
Hearing: Lake Street Dive, some Irish words
Feeling: sweaty under my two warm layers, sunshine and humidty, a caffeine rush, relaxed contentment
Seeing: an organized room and desk, myself in brand-new clothing
Smelling: ripe bananas

Despite being up til one AM last night Skyping with my boyfriend Brian, I sprung out of bed around eight, ready to go shopping. I knew where I wanted to go but didn’t bother to look up directions on Google Maps as per usual. I wanted to wander, because I think that even though maps are great, I’ll never get myself oriented if I depend on them alone. On the way there, I passed a kitchen supply shop and couldn’t resist going in. I ended up dropping about 60 EUR on a Microplane, bamboo measuring cups and spoons, and a broad silicone spatula that’ll be perfect for pancakes. I got some nice new trousers and shirts (two items I didn’t bring many of) at Topman at very deep discounts, and on the way back got sucked into a natural foods co-op for tofu, red lentils, and cacao powder. Those were some essential items I’d been meaning to buy and my hands were already very full, but I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot more time and money there soon.

I felt the urge to get my room and desk organized (for REAL this time), and I think I did a pretty good job. I also think that I’m doing a pretty good job of not accumulating too much useless stuff, for all the shopping I’ve been doing.

I went to the Irish movie night that they put on for us, War of the Buttons. It was a comedy about schoolboys from different schools and different sides of town in a long-term war that involved cutting off each other’s buttons. It was funny, but exhausting and rambling. Like, every ten minutes, I thought the movie was about to end. I was also pretty hangry during the film too, so I might not have enjoyed it to its fullest. But you can bet that as soon as I got back to my place, I had a spoonful of peanut butter in my mouth.


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