Day 11

Feeling: nice and warm under my sweater and rain jacket
Hearing: an Irish student tour guide talk very very quickly
Seeing: the sleek and nearly empty interior of the library
Tasting: toast with gooseberry jam and cheddar
Smelling: the streets during rain, the interior of a TKMaxx

Apologies for not making a post for Day 10, if you were counting on that. I didn’t make a post for Day 10 because nothing really happened– it was the second day of orientation, where we learned about registering with immigration and heard from the students’ union and clubs and societies leaders. I spent the rest of the day inside, so no adventures to report.

Day 11 wasn’t that much more exciting, but I did get my ID card, so I’m a full-fledged student who can go to the gym and library. My ID picture ended up looking a bit like an angry mugshot; maybe you had the luck of seeing it on my snapchat story.

Supposedly students who want to take French classes have to register in-person as well as online, and today was one of the office hours we were told about in email, so I ventured through to the French department. After a lot of wandering through the maze of the building, I found that no one was in the office and a sign saying that I should just email the professors I desire to talk to. Ah well.

I made another haul, this time of kitchen supplies, from TKMaxx. I just can’t function without having all the essential baking tins. Well, I exercised some self-control and didn’t buy a muffin pan (or bun pan, as some of them are called. Not sure if there’s a difference).

There was a party for international students, but I decided not to go and to save my energy by videochatting with my mom and boyfriend and playing video games. Maybe a little antisocial, but we had a breakfast and scavenger hunt organized for us the next morning and I wanted to save my energy. Well, more of a brunch than a breakfast since it was at 11, but more on that in the next post.


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