Day 12

Tasting: crêpes with thin chocolate sauce
Seeing: some parts of the city I didn’t know yet, the sleek structure and view of a gallery building, the Golden Angel on St Finn Barr’s
Hearing: our resident director Mary talk to us about different essential parts of the city, the bustle of the English market
Feeling: rather tired and sore in the legs and feet
Smelling: various aromas wafting from the restaurants we pass

Wow, on Monday I will have been here for two full weeks. I’m not gonna go on about my perception of time right now, but let’s just say it’s rather warped.

Our resident program coordinator organized a breakfast for us at the gallery’s café on campus. It’s absolutely gorgeous both inside and outside, and the café looks wonderful too. I know I thought I would limit my restaurants, but it would be a shame to miss out on all the nice cafés around me that would also make lovely study spots.

Our options for breakfast (or really brunch, as it was almost noon) were French toast or pancakes. I opted for pancakes (with chocolate), and I wasn’t surprised when I found that pancake=crêpe. Some of my classmates were a little dismayed at the fact that the flapjacks weren’t fluffy and the chocolate was a thin, weak sauce, but at that point I was no longer trying to understand and just accepted it.

I guess I’ll have to teach the Irish how to do a real East Coast brunch. Fluffy hotcakes, mimosas and bloody Marys, the works.

We took a group photo and walked down to the city centre on a route that I didn’t know well yet, so I’m glad I learned it today. Once we gathered outside of the city library, we divided up into groups and were sent on a scavenger hunt. There were plenty of questions related to local Irish words, most of which we asked shopkeepers in the English Market. I was surprised at how helpful and friendly they were. I imagine asking questions to someone behind the counter (especially without being a customer) in a city in the US wouldn’t get a response nearly as friendly.

We got pretty sidetracked due to a misunderstanding about where one of our scavenger hunt sites was, but I got to see a street that I’d never seen before near the river. And I imagine I’ll be going there again since it has a theatre showing The Beauty Queen of Leenane.

After completing the hunt, our resident director brought us on a ramble to see the immigration office and some other important spots. By the end of it, I was feeling very ready to go home and eat. The crêpes, and the small breakfast I had eaten before it, were good but not sufficient to carry me past lunchtime. Thank goodness for the leftover tofu and cabbage stir-fry I had in the fridge.

Despite being relatively worn-out at this point, I had a hankering to see some trad music and looked to see if there was any playing at a spot I wanted to check out. I found that there was a céili dance there tonight, so I’ll sign off for now and update ye later.


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