Day 13 (+ the end of Day 12)

Hearing: a button accordion and guitar trad duo, Thelonius Monk Big Band on my Spotify, wind whistle outside the balcony, bustle in the gym locker rooms
Feeling: a chill coming in from the windows in the hallway, bathroom, and my bedroom, very cozy indoors
Smelling: granola and banana bread baking in my oven
Seeing: a brightly-colored and unfamiliar gym, empty roads
Tasting: lentil and veggie soup that could use a bit more salt but is otherwise very good, cookies and cream Kit Kats

To follow up on last night: the crowd was a little bit light at first, and people were hesitant to go up and learn to dance. Of course I wanted to go up every time they needed volunteers, but didn’t want to feel like I was hogging the place. After about an hour there, though, I realized how touristy the venue was when the person next to me at the bar ordered a “Guinness draft” in an American accent. Still a nice place, and enjoyable music, but I’m excited to discover more hidden gems.

As I was about to go to sleep, I remembered the urgent need to bake banana bread and granola– the former because I had some bananas that were very ripe, the latter because I really wanted to make granola. I use this formula, the one that my mom uses. It yields the best granola I’ve ever had. The grocery store that’s about a 15 minute walk away was closing in half an hour, but I managed to get there and get out five minutes before closing. The dark, cool air made me feel like it was Halloween.

I somehow slept nine hours, waking up at nine. First thing I did after leaving the room was get started on that granola, then went straight to banana bread. Well okay, I had a kiwi fruit first because I needed fuel to make fuel. Sunday morning baking fest was a success.

I then made my first visit to the gym. Since I didn’t bring my journal with me, I decided not to do any lifting and just do some cardio and exploring. I was happy to find the cardio and weight machines room, but crestfallen when I saw neither StairMaster nor Jacob’s Ladder. What can I say, my trainer likes that they allow me to practice explosive movement. I tried an elliptical, but I was annoyed by the touchscreen. It was one of those screens on which you’ll never know if it’s going to respond to your touch or not. I managed to run about half an hour, so I got something done. But man, do I miss my gym at home. Even the one at school.

The rest of the day was filled with listening to music, videochatting, writing lots of emails, and cleaning. Tomorrow the first week of classes begins, but several of mine don’t til next week. So I’ll use the time to further familiarize myself with campus.


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