Day 14

Hearing: loud music pulse through the walls
Feeling: getting shouldered around in a small space, soaked forearms under my rain jacket
Smelling: something rotten, something acrid
Seeing: the city in rain, fluorescent-lit classrooms
Tasting: my pumpkin spice granola

The two-week benchmark, and the first day of classes!

My first class, Food Legislature and Regulation, started at 10am and was somewhat off the main campus; took me a while to find. The professor told us that he spent some time studying in the US at Cornell University and in Leuven at KU Leuven! I’m not quite sure about the usual attitude towards getting to know your professors– he said that he enjoys talking to students, but that he’s often not in his office or available to talk face-to-face. Besides, this class has two lecturers so I have another teacher to meet.

The second class was Topics in Food Systems, taught by the same lecturer. The class focuses on several different types of foods and how to preserve their quality. Some of them include: fruits and vegetables, dairy, lipids, and cereals. Like the earlier class, it’s taught by multiple lecturers, each one inn charge of a different system. I’m excited for both of these food science classes, but this one in particular. Like really really really excited.

At around 4pm, Erin suggested that we go out to the immigration office and get our residence permits. It was raining rather hard, and we didn’t know the way exactly. By the time we arrived there, I noticed a sign saying that the office closes at 4pm. Back up the hill in the rain we trekked. Guess I’ll try again on Wednesday. And wear my waterproof shoes if the rain decides to try again too.

I Skyped and Rabbitted with Brian (Peaky Blinders!) but towards the end of our show the bandwidth was struggling to support both us and our show simultaneously. We tried Messenger video chat as well, but that was no better. With just four minutes remaining, I downloaded Google Duo. Not quite the same experience as Rabbit (it’s a phone app), but at least when the video connection is bad it lets you keep the audio. And you get to see your conversation partner morbidly fade into grey. I highly recommend you download it if you don’t have FaceTime so I can videochat with you easily.

A bunch of USAC kids decided to try the nightlife, but as it was “Freshers Week,” and our group if of several different ages, you might imagine it was difficult to all of us in to one place (especially one without a cover charge). Ah well– I enjoyed the walk, and secretly enjoyed getting in bed before midnight too.


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