Day 15

Tasting: a frittata made with sweet potatoes, apples and honey, vegan challah, sweet sparkling white wine
Hearing: the deconsecration prayers in the Cork Synagogue, quiet early morning in the Drama studio, a fire alarm all throughout the building
Seeing: some unfamiliar walks that lead to the Granary and the Department of Music, a spectacular view of Cork City, lights shining on the River Lee, a tattoo on the side of a person’s partially shaved head
Smelling: chamomile tea, a pizza in the oven
Feeling: rugburn on the heels of my hands, a bit of an ache in my lower back

Quite a lot happened today, and yet I still feel like there was more I could have done.

I woke up earlier than I expected, feeling kind of wretched. I wasn’t too hungry for breakfast even after preparing it, so I tried some twisting yoga and worked up a bit of an appetite. Even though my first class was at 10, and I had plenty of classes at UMD that started around the same time, it felt like I had so much more time to get ready. Maybe it’s just the beginning-of-year energy.

The class was simply one that I was auditing, but I can definitely see myself taking it. It was Theatre and Allied Arts, in which we focus on the significance of visual culture in our society and theatre. After that was done, I got myself Officially registered for French class, got a LeapCard (student discount on public transit), and I ventured into the packed student center to sign up for emails from clubs. I also tried to attend another lecture I was going to audit, but upon arriving one of the students announced she’d gotten an email saying that English lectures weren’t happening until next week. Well, at least my afternoon was relatively freer now.

I was told there would be an ethnomusicology student giving her Master’s presentation on the history of the Jews in Cork this night, so I found my way to the music school. Boy it was a trek (both horizontally and vertically), but I got to see some amazing views of the city and town.

The talk evoked watery eyes from myself as I started to feel very, very alone in this city. But afterwards, meeting over challah, apples, and honey, a few other Jews with whom I learned I would spend the High Holidays with, I actually felt joyous.

My joy continued when I found the contact information of a piano teacher, and when I got to Duo with Brian. After chilling for a little bit, the fire alarm went off, so running downstairs with my ears covered was fun.


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