Day 16

Feeling: sore all over, damp shoes
Tasting: free sweets from the societies
Seeing: medium-heavy rain
Smelling: the plasticky interior of a gym, damp basement
Hearing: the metallicness of weight machines

I decided to give the gym another go, since it was still relatively early in the morning and I figured it would be less crowded. I had my workout from home copied down in my new journal, but didn’t really know where everything was. I found most of the things I needed, and of course I had the self-conscious oh-God-someone-is-gonna-tell-me-I’m-doing-something-wrong feeling. The attendant actually did come over and help me adjust some of the machines, which made me nervous at first because he was watching but also I appreciate the help. But this is a travelog, not a fitness blog, so we don’t need to discuss it in great detail.

There was a meeting for students interested in being in music ensembles in the basement of the music building, and I’m glad I had gone last night so I knew where it was and how far away it was. It was sort of intimidating at first being surrounded by full-time music students, but I a bit of conversation with one of them and the teacher who was coordinating this meeting.

I went back into the student center, this time not for Clubs Day but for Societies Day. It was just as crowded as yesterday, possibly more. I felt a bit awkward just putting my name down without really communicating with and introducing myself to the student leaders, but the fact that people were just trying to get around without being crushed sort of abbreviated the interactions.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first week of college if I didn’t have even more meetings. Next up was for visiting students enrolling in English classes. It felt like a completely unnecessary meeting– I honestly can’t repeat here what we went over because it was just so generic. And the lecture hall was steep, packed, and a little grody.

Coming up that evening was the event everybody was waiting for– a three-course dinner at an Italian restaurant. As you can imagine there was a bit of chaos trying to get everyone their dishes, so we all got a little hangry. But the food was delicious and the company was great. A lovely midweek interlude.


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