Day 17

Tasting: a bowl of noodles with tofu and veggies that I made for dinner, a very strong and interesting macchiato
Hearing: poetry read with accompanying guitar
Seeing: lecture theatres ranging from sunny and glossy to fluorescent and scrappy
Feeling: very warm, a bit uncomfortable and tired
Smelling: sizzling spiced tofu

Thursday is the day where I have Food Quality and Systems first thing in the morning, then final thing in the afternoon. So, it was a long day.

After my first two morning classes, I went to the international office to pick up a certain vital form for immigration. I also figured out why I couldn’t get my phone or laptop connected to the campus wi-fi– apparently it needs to be “tuned” to the country. A problem to be dealt with at a later date.

I saw that a nearby artisan coffee shop was having a poetry night that night, so a bunch of us got down there and spent a long time discussing what Harry Potter houses we were in. I had a decaf macchiato, served at the very bottom of a paper cup (okay…) with the strangest-tasting espresso I’ve ever had.

Before the poets arrived, there was a writing challenge in which everyone drew prompts from a cup and had ten minutes to respond however we like to it. I had the luck of being in a group of Americans the night that the word “Trump” and “Hillary” were options. I also had the luck of getting “Trump.” I wrote a couple limerick-like poems that I will post at a later time; have you noticed a theme here? Procrastination and not working.

After seeing two (incredible) poets perform, I snuck out to go to a friend’s apartment where they were watching What We Do in the Dark, a Kiwi mockumentary about vampires which was absolutely hilarious. I struggled to get through to the end though, as I was barely awake.



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