Day 18

Feeling: tired of walking/standing up
Smelling: sandalwood tealights, leftover cold noodles that were even better the next day oh my gosh
Hearing: my professor stating over and over that vegetables are alive and respiring just like us
Tasting: homemade challah and red wine, PB&J on toasts
Seeing: Shabbat candlelights, my mom and brother holding the dog on my phone screen, a crowded interior of a newsstand

I thought that after staying up watching the movie with my pals, I’d sleep in late tomorrow. Like that ever happens. I woke up before 7am, giving me ample time to come with the group of USAC kids who were making a trip to the immigration office.

The immigration office had a single window open with a single person running it. The line wasn’t long enough to, say, make you choose another place to eat if it were your favorite restaurant, but it took about two hours for me to be seen. And I was the first person to go from my USAC group (since I was the only one with a class that day). Thank goodness I remembered everything I needed or the time would have been in vain.

After trekking back up to my apartment and having lunch, I went to my one class that day. Thankfully none of the material covered in class was anything I didn’t see in the notes, because my head was already in Friday mode and wasn’t completely present.

I had really only two things I really needed to buy at the city centre, but between all the auxiliary things and the fact that I didn’t know where to buy some things, I spent more time shopping than I would have liked.

I returned exhausted to the apartment three hours later. Those two things I really needed urgently were candles and a lighter for Shabbat. I had the eggless challah from Tuesday saved in the fridge, I had some red wine, and the candles. I was also lucky that I could have my mom and brother (and dog!) on Google Hangout to say the blessings with me. Shabbat Shalom.



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