Day 19

Day 19 was not the most memorable in terms of senses, so I’m going to skip that section for the sake of honesty.

It was a very quiet day– filled with studying (yes I’m already looking at the few notes I have), emailing, cleaning, that sort of thing. I did some grocery shopping too– a few things at the supermarket, but I also tried the Asian stalls at the English Market. I was on a quest for tapioca pearls (so I could make bubble tea, difficult to find here) and natto, which I’d never even seen in Asian groceries in the States. I didn’t find either, but I did find shelf-stable tofu (which I bought) and kimchi (which I didn’t because it seemed a little overpriced).

That was really the only time going out or “doing anything” that day, so I’ll use the space here to talk about something I’ve been thinking about recently: clothes.

I brought a small fraction of my wardrobe from the US with me, knowing that clothes could be excess suitcase weight and easily purchased here. I put a lot of thought into, and care a lot about how I dress. My wardrobe is part of my identity. And as materialistic as it is, having a large selection of articles to choose from has been key to that.

The women here on campus also seem to put a lot of effort into their appearance. I’m not saying that you never see a female student in sweats (trackies) or a hoodie, but a majority of them opt for tight jeans or skirts with sheer tights and heeled leather booties on bottom, and tailored shirts under tailored jackets on top. The common color scheme is suitably autumnal. And when there is makeup or hairstyling done, it is done with great detail. (The lads, for contrast, wear their trackies all day.)

I don’t want to dress/look feminine every day, but when I do, I sort of feel like I’m not doing enough. The only makeup item I brought was some foundation, and it’s the only one that sometimes I can’t leave the house without. I certainly don’t need makeup to feel confident but I do find myself missing it. As for the clothes, I don’t have the type or amount to achieve the kind of layering that’s in style. And boy do I love layering.

But I’m not too worried. I think all my clothing woes will sort themselves out as I get adjusted here.


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