Day 20

Feeling: aching and burning in my throat, tingling all over my skin
Hearing: the Cork Concert Orchestra
Tasting: cookie dough/cookies and cream Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, sugar-free
Seeing: the Gaelic football finals in a comfy bar
Smelling: lemon ginger tea, some truly unfortunate powdered vegetable soup

I didn’t sleep easily last night. I kept waking about every two hours to my throat hurting, and I knew that by the time I was really up, I was sick. That’s how it goes when you’re in a new country, especially when the weather cools down. So I brewed a pot of lemon ginger herbal tea which lasted me the whole day.

I did manage to get out of the apartment to watch the Gaelic football championships, but had to leave after the first half to take a nap. I was going a concert that night and wanted to stay awake for it, so I found the rest helpful.

The concert was good, and you can listen to our discussion of it here! Long story short, we liked the Tchaikovsky but found it a bit restrained, enjoyed the Rimsky-Korsakov trombone concerto but it was rough, got nostalgic for Disney when we listened to Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and found the Elgar Serenade a little overpowering.

This post is short because I am sick and didn’t do much and don’t feel like saying too much.


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