Day 21

Feeling: still more throat pain, sniffling
Tasting: sweet potato and lentil soup
Hearing: busy campus buildings
Seeing: the crowded circus locker
Smelling: black tea

Before my first class at 10, I had to go do some in-person registering for the English class I planned to take at 9:30. However, this registering was in a building that’s more confusing than the Labyrinth, so by the time I found the English office I had to head to my Food Law class.

After classes were over, my day still wasn’t. I had to meet one of the former Circus Club committee members to work out some technical issues with the club’s existence, location, and online capabilities. And since there was a treasurers’ meeting that night and I was the only committee member free to go, I went to that too. And then had to go meet another former committee member to pick up the keys to the circus supply locker.

It was a long day, and the whole time I was wishing I could be resting in bed. But I was rewarded at the end by Skyping with my boyfriend, delicious soup that I had made earlier that day, ice cream, and NyQuil. And so onward.


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