Day 22

Smelling: lemon deodorant
Feeling: a pain-free lower back on a yoga mat
Hearing: a teacher speaking French in a classroom for the first time in a while
Tasting: cookies and cream/cookie dough ice cream with cookies and cream Kit Kats (try saying that five times fast)
Seeing: a seeing-eye black Lab, familiar faces in my classes, the finale of Peaky Blinders season 2

I woke up still feeling my cold, but with some tea and a good breakfast, felt ready to go to my early classes.

Drama was fun– we started off with an exercise where we rolled around slowly with our eyes closed. Then we did a partner exercise where one partner was blind and the other gave them things to taste or smell. This was not only fun, but central to the class theme of visual culture because taste and smell are not considered acceptable ways to find your way around the world like vision is. I was lucky to get a piece of dark chocolate for my taste. Then we did another exercise where we moved around and had to find a partner with eyes closed. One partner then opened their eyes and “drove” us around the space by our shoulders, and then we switched. Then, we used our “snout” (nose and mouth) to find our way around the room and just became animals. It felt like elementary school and I enjoyed it lots.

I was worried I’d be late to French because it was a bit of a distance and was scheduled to start right as Drama ended, but managed to show up even before the professor. I was also worried that I’d feel so out of place having not been in a French classroom in a very long time, but I felt very comfortable. Also found out that one of the USAC kids is in my class, so I’ll have a study buddy in my own building! I think all but two of the students in that small class are internationals.

Later that day I went to Medieval/Renaissance Drama. Thankfully it was a shorter lecture than usual, ‘cause I was trying so hard to hold in my sniffles. I found out that another USAC kid is in that class as well.

I went to the auditions for the Drama Society’s mainstage show this semester, but instead of auditioning this time I was there to give them my contact information for production roles. I’m hoping to be able to do some costume design or wardrobe work, but really anything would be great. I just want to do some theatre but I can’t see going to nightly rehearsals this semester, especially with possible conflicting weekend trips.

The evening was an early one, with soup and Rabbit with Brian and reading the first act of the play for Med/Ren. Because I still want to recover from whatever Irish virus I have, I’m trying my hardest to conserve my energy.


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