Day 23

Tasting: more citrus sugar-free Halls, dairy-free vanilla ice cream
Seeing: the music ensemble room, chord charts
Hearing: a blues backing track with our teacher demonstrating over it
Smelling: damp basement
Feeling: warm herbal tea, tingling and aching throat

The day was long. Since I woke up quite early and had my first class at noon, I went to the grocery store to get a few items. Mostly dairy– milk and yogurt, but also butter that I can keep on hand in case I need to bake some cookies (I think I may have to thank my circus club committee members very soon), and funnily enough, dairy-free ice cream. This last part is very important, as I needed the cold relief I got from ice cream but didn’t want to worsen my phlegm with more dairy.

Classes were alright, the only remarkable thing about them being that I couldn’t find one of the lecture halls at first. I went to the music building to see if I could mess around on a piano before jazz ensemble, and lo and behold, an empty room with a piano and a keyboard that I could put my name on. The piano wasn’t the best, and I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the keyboard, but it felt good to shake off some of the rust from my finger-joints.

Jazz was interesting. I thought I should be in the first-year ensemble, but I stuck around for a bit of the ensemble that met afterwards and the latter may actually be more my level. Besides, if I can get an opportunity to not be the overeager American sophomore in a room full of shy, reluctant, jazz-inexperienced freshmen, then I’ll take it.

More things happened, but the main point now is that I’m exhausted and must go to bed to recover from this illness. Goodnight Ireland and good evening US


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