Day 24

Seeing: erotic art on chopsticks, certain important turning points in Portal 2
Tasting: hot and sour broth, pumpkin soy latte
Feeling: tingling and aching in the throat, chilly air around my legs
Smelling: onion and ginger cooking, rained-on cement
Hearing: the end of the series of lectures on fruits and vegetables in my food quality class

Thursdays are my long days– class at 9 and 11, then the first class again at 4. Thankfully I had the ever-useful overnight oatmeal waiting for me in the fridge. I was planning to use the time in between classes to veg out and hopefully recover more, but I really needed some veggies so I went to Lidl. Lidl is owned by the same company that does Aldi, but I think is even cheaper. I got a big bag of fruits and vegetables for about 12 euro!

I knew that the Asian market was nearby, and I was missing bubble tea, so I went to check if they had tapioca bubbles. Not only did they have them, they were on sale. And not only were they on sale, they were rainbow. I got some other items as well, including a set of chopsticks so I wouln’t have to continue forking certain foods that weren’t meant to be forked.

Once arriving home, I opened my chopsticks to take a closer look at them. I saw that there was some woodblock art on the base, but didn’t look to see what it was. In fact, there were tiny replicas of erotic Ukioyo-e (a popular classical Japanese art style yes, I looked that up on Wikipedia). I’m keeping the chopsticks– I just need something to eat noodles with– but what was going through the cashier’s head when she saw my purchase? Was it “Oh, another one of these perverts” or more like “Well, another confused white person”? Either way, I have to go back there to get bubble tea straws (come on, there’s no use in drinking it without a straw), so maybe I’ll get a single pair without porn on it.

I was lucky today to videochat with three of my favorite people– my dad (whose birthday it was!), my best friend Nehuen, and Brian. It’s wonderful seeing people’s faces but the lag is a drag.

There was an interest meeting for those desiring to be involved in the technical and production aspect of the drama society that evening. Even though I want to try lots of new things, theatre is a good constant in my life. And I’m not really sure I’ll have time or the capacity to do the whole Acting Thing this semester, so I thought, why not work on my costuming skills?

The meeting was a chance for the officers of the club and specialists in each of the technical fields to explain what each area of technical theatre involves. I was really only planning on being a costume designer or assistant thereof, but the presentation on sound design seems really cool. I talked to the guy who’s in charge of that, so sound may be a possibility for me too. I let one of the officers know that I can do stage combat as well, if needed I wanted to see if I could be a production manager or assistant, even just as a backup, but thought I might rather save my energy.

After that, I went back to my apartment, ate dinner, and stayed up a bit too late playing Portal 2. Stuff happened, fam. Stuff happened.


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