Day 25

Tasting: poached apples in red wine, spelt soda bread
Hearing: the first two albums by the Strokes
Feeling: the ache both in my throat and ear
Smelling: construction, something like cleaning fluid
Seeing: not a yoga mat, a sunny day, stacks and stacks of halvah (above)

After going to my one class of the day, I went into the city center for a few brief shopping stops. My mission was to get PDFs from my jazz instructor in his shop (he is also a tailor and owns a vintage store), a yoga mat so I could practice in my room without destroying my wrists or tailbone, bubble tea straws, and challah. Some success was had– I got PDFs for piano, voice, and theory. I could not find a yoga mat in the outdoor store. The Asian market did not sell bubble tea straws, but I did buy non-erotic pair of chopsticks (which I also wanted because they were rectangular, not round). The bread stall in the English market only baked a few loaves of challah each day and had sold out that morning.

They offered to reserve a loaf for me tomorrow, but that wouldn’t help me in terms of Shabbat. But they could have one for me next Friday morning! So, next week I can pick it up on my way to get my residency license. I bought a spelt soda loaf, feeling a little skeptical because of a disappointing experience with a spelt birthday cake years ago. But I’d been in Ireland for weeks and hadn’t bought a loaf of soda bread, what gives? I had a slice outside the market, and it was absolutely delicious. Like breakfast cereal in bread form.

The rest of the evening was spent eating soup, going over my notes, and watching TV. I really really hope this illness clears up enough for me to enjoy the USAC day trip on Sunday.


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