Day 26

Smelling: browned butter with sugar
Hearing: butter crackling in the saucepan, windy rainstorm outside
Seeing: rain outside my window
Tasting: eggs on pieces of spelt bread, vanilla almond ice cream
Feeling: earache, comfortable clothes

I woke up quite early and didn’t want to get up up, so I ate some yogurt and drank some hot chocolate and lay around until about 8:30, when I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. I felt a little bit bad that I had done so little, but then I realized that it felt a lot better than wake and bake, which is what I call it when I go straight from waking up to taking care of business on my laptop. Because the screen bakes my face, y’know?

Then I made cookie dough. The recipe was really easy and fun, and involved browning butter, something I had never done before but made lots of interesting noises and smells. And it smelled even better once I added the sugar and vanilla to the melted butter. The dough is now frozen balls in my freezer. I’m planning to bake them on Monday for my circus club friends and anyone I host for tea.

Read more of my play for English, went over my Food Quality Notes, and then once I made lunch, I was feeling wiped out and basically just played Portal 2 for what felt like the rest of the afternoon. I also Skyped and Duoed with Brian plenty, and I got to FaceTime Basile.

My throat and ear is hurting more. I really hope it’ll be okay enough for the day trip tomorrow, and if it’s not better on Monday I’ll go to the health center.


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