Day 28

Feeling: intense inflammation in my tonsils, a swab stuck down my throat
Smelling: carrot and coriander soup
Hearing: comedic songs on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Galavant
Tasting: honey on spelt bread, vanilla caramel protein shake
Seeing: the pharmacy on my street, Nightwing comics

Waking up with the throat and ear pain worse than ever, I knew I had to go to the student health centre as soon as possible. I left at a time that I thought would get me there even before it opened, but the place was already quite full. After a considerable wait in line, I made an appointment, and after an even longer one, I was seen by a nurse.

The nurse did a strep test– thankfully, not strep– and said that I just needed to be at home resting. And that lots of people had been getting sick on campus. She asked if I could go home home, and I explained that home was in America. So, no. But I got an absence excuse note and a recommendation to buy ibuprofen. Which I did, along with some other liquid foods.

And so the rest of my day was spent in bed watching TV on Netflix and reading comics online.


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