Day 30

Feeling: a little better, but still scratchy and sluggish
Tasting: hot chocolate, pudding made with the leftover hot chocolate
Seeing: the vegetable store, campus
Smelling: lemon and ginger tea
Hearing: more songs from Galavant

I woke up still not feeling my best, but with a considerable boost in energy and less pain. Thankfully my two lectures that day were in the afternoon, so I didn’t have to go straight to class, but I did have some other business to attend to in the morning. First was to go to the International Office to drop French from my schedule. I had decided that as much as I love learning the language, the fact that I didn’t need any more language credit made it an unworthy use of my time. After that was to go to the sports office, mercifully on the same street. The clubs exec and I had a walk-and-talk about how I didn’t plan on being captain of a club that was dying, and I was really just not suited to the position but was the only person who volunteered to take it. He was very understanding. I told him that I’d look into a different club– I was considering cycling. He told me that cycling was even worse off. Ah well. I handed him the keys to our locker, sent a Facebook message to the committee (rather unresponsive, as they have been), and now Circus Club is out of my hands.

Classes consisted of me floating around in my own head and copying down things I saw for two hours. I did actually meet someone in my Food Law class, though, which was cool since my food science classes offer little to no opportunity for socialization.

The rest of the day was just loafing around, honestly. Not even cleaning up my room or anything. I had jazz practice in the evening but I was certain my weak shaking knees were not feeling ready to take me up the hill to the music building. But hey, I made it to two meeting and two classes, so I’m on my way out.


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