Day 31

Loooooook at how loch was illuminated this morning.

Feeling: some pain in just my left ear, very hungry
Seeing: nearly-empty lecture theatres, the early morning sun illuminating the loch
Tasting: miso noodle soup, roasted Brussels sprouts
Smelling: spiced apple fresh from the microwave
Hearing: the accents of a Portuguese and Spanish person side-by-side

Started my day off with raspberries on oatmeal and heading out to the grocery store (and actually remembered to use my rewards card this time yay #adult). I was a little worried on my way back that I wouldn’t make it to my place in time (which I did), and after a bit of a sweaty rush to the lecture theatre, I was relieved to find that class hadn’t started. In fact, after sitting around for a bit and asking some of my classmates what we did on Monday while I was sick (they didn’t remember), most of the students just stood up and left.

I had a sudden burst of energy (and hunger) upon returning but somehow thought I needed some caffeine in the form of green tea. Well, I did need some tea for the ol’ scratchy throat. I tidied up and organized my room. It felt great to have some neatly put-together piles instead of one big heap of stuff on my desk, but in being true to myself, I have still not put away my socks.

Then I went off to my second lecture, only this time there weren’t many students in the classroom. I did spend a few minutes meeting the Spanish friend of the Portuguese student that I met yesterday, though; they’re very nice people. On my way out of the lecture theatre we walked through the Health Matters fair, where I picked up a free set of bike lights. Then ate a hearty, veggie-filled lunch and played Portal 2 for several hours.

I was wondering if my last lecture of the day would be cancelled as the first one had been, but decided to try it anyway. Two other students showed up, but the lecturer was there! She let us go, but said that tomorrow’s class would happen even if only three of us showed up again.

After more snacking and bumming around in Portal 2 (I’m still recovering from sickness okay?) and talking with Brian, my wonderful USAC friend Laura offered to bring me miso noodle soup! Even though I was eating solid food with little difficulty again (and very glad for it), some warm dashi and succulent noodles was very much appreciated. I also roasted some Brussels sprouts, as the vegetable store had just received their first crop of them the other day.

Overall, a weird but pleasant day. I’m actually really looking forward to picking up my residency card and challah tomorrow. I also really need to get a phone soon oh my gosh. Guess that’ll be tomorrow too.


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