Sweet Review #1: Snack! and Penguin

If you know my eating habits, you know that I’m not a huge candy monster. There are a few exceptions: 1. Twizzlers at the cinema, 2. Halloween, and 3. Trying new candies from foreign countries. I want to try a bunch of Irish (and other local and European) mass-produced sweets and review them right here! And what better way to celebrate Hallowmonth, the month of Halloween, the holiday of candy, than doing a series of sweets reviews?!

As you may recall from the Mizen Head trip, Mary supplied us with plenty of chocolate sweets, of which I didn’t partake during the trip but took plenty for later. On the eve of October 1st, Sara and I did reviews of these stockpiled sweets.

The pictures below are from one of my Snapchat Snackchats. I made up that term right now. If you’re friends with me on Snapchat, you’ll see food a lot. You’ll also sometimes see me try processed snacks for the first time and give my initial impressions like I’m Emmy from Tastemade. The images below are from there.

Is this screenshot of a snap of a cross-section of a Penguin low-enough quality for ya?

First was a sandwich cookie called Penguin. Penguins are bars of two long rectangular chocolate biscuits with milk chocolate mousse in between, and the whole thing is glazed in milk chocolate. The biscuits have the sticking-in-your-molars effect that light and crunchy snacks often have, as well as a sort of malty taste.

I’m not going to pretend this picture of Snack! is any better. But, you do get a nice view of my chic socks and sparkly sweatpants.

Snack! is very similar, but the biscuits are vanillish instead of chocolatey. The chocolate coating on the outside is glossier than the Penguin, more like a candy bar than a cookie sandwich that had been coated in chocolate.

I’m partial to Snack!, while Sara prefers Penguin. I like the biscuits in Snack! better (even if they’re not chocolate wow shocker), and the snap of the chocolate. The whole things just had a deeper flavor, while Penguins tasted kinda “dusty,” if that makes sense.

So, am I gonna do a bunch of sweets reviews while upholding the crash-dieting into my Halloween costume deal? We’ll see.


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