Day 33

What a tag that is.

Smelling: lamb patties cook on an outdoor flat-top grill, a theatre bar
Seeing: an old-time band play on Grand Parade, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, the sun climb the sky over quiet streets
Feeling: the kind of hunger you get when you walk around on a not-full-enough stomach, vintage fabrics
Tasting: a wholemeal pitta filled with leaves, hummus, chili, tomato, and yogurt
Hearing: “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” American folk music


After a luxurious morning, I set outside on a mission to find the pop-up vintage sale I had seen the event page for on Facebook. It was a 20-euro per kilogram sale, supposedly a big deal, since you had to pay a 1-euro entrance fee. I was just desperate for pieces for my Halloween costume. Why do I always choose costumes that seem like they’d involve simple pieces and always end up being the hardest to find? In this case, I needed orange pants. Not only did I find orange pants there, but some orange tops that may complete my costume! I honestly probably won’t use them but I bought them just in case.

I also stopped into Penney’s to get a few tank tops (“vests”) for my costume. Penney’s is always crowded it seems but especially on a Saturday afternoon.


On my way back, I passed through a free event from the Cork Folk festival with food vendors and live music. I sadly only got to see the last three songs of the band that was playing, but it was still a good time. Folk music is on the whole, one of the genres I always prefer to see live. It makes me feel nostalgic for festivals and childhood in North Carolina. Which speaking of, they finished the set off with a song from North Carolina. I approached one of them to tell him how it felt good to hear the sounds of home, and that I actually had lived in NC. He asked me what part, and asked if it was near Raleigh. I said that it was more west of Raleigh, and he said “Oh, so near Asheville.” It’s closer to Raleigh, but I wasn’t going to get too particular. Because honestly, I only remembered how close it was to Greensboro and High Point.


The next few hours were spent relaxing with video chatting Brian, and then I head out again to go to the theatre. On my way to the vintage sale I’d gotten a little lost, passed the theatre, and saw that the play I’d meant to see was closing tonight. So as much as I’d liked to spend the night cuddled up with, I also really wanted to see Beauty Queen of Leenane in its native country. Here are my major points:

  • Lighting was really good and made the mood so fittingly uncomfortable, but sometimes there were these spots that created these awkward distracting shadows. There was good use of practicals. Also the rain on the windows was a good touch.
  • The sound design was smooth, but could be a little more inspired. Like the scene transition music was some classical piano/cello duets, aka stuff that could go in any drama. I would have chosen something a little more folksier, maybe something simple featuring acoustic guitar and drum. Okay, maybe that’s still a little generic but whatever. Sound design overall was still high-quality; there was a radio onstage that was a prominent feature.
  • And the set, damn. It really made you feel the desolation of the place and situation. There was this sort of awkward panel on top that I couldn’t really explain? But overall, top-notch.

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