Sweet Review #2: Cookies and Cream Kit Kats

What better day is there to post a Sweet Review than on a Sunday?

Here it is, the first “permanently” recorded Snackchat!

Kit Kats aren’t my favorite candy bar, but they have so many regional novelty flavors and that’s what I really care about. So seeing that the UK and Ireland’s novelty flavor was cookies and cream was a little disappointing at first. Not for long, though.

I thought that a flavor that was cloyingly sweet with a candy bar that was cloyingly sweet would lead to a sensory sugar rush, but not quite. The white chocolate provides enough richness to contrast against the wafer crunch and the dark (?) chocolate base. And just, the appearance is very pretty too. White bars on a brown base (WARNING: image is NSFW) looks a little like a piano.* So yeah, it wasn’t just the taste of sugar on top of more sugar. Nice complexity in flavor.

And speaking of Kit Kats, the fact that the top is different than the bottom made me think of this. Kourtney Kardashion eating a Kit Kat is somewhat soothing, I don’t know why. The Kardashians aren’t exactly my choice of ASMR videos. Or really, choice of anything to be honest. But these are.

*Speaking of the Weeknd, especially the allusion I just made, has anyone been listening to his new singles? Especially “Starboy”? Does anyone want to talk about/dance to Starboy with me?!


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