Day 36

Feeling: burning face, very tired, a little scratchy in my throat, prickling skin on my calves
Seeing: the sunrise through our fogged and barely-openable windows, sheet music for a song in Epicoene (a play I have to read for one of my classes)
Smelling: instant noodles cook
Hearing: Arctic Monkeys Acoustic 15
a dip I made out of tahini and yogurt

I woke up with quite enough time and desire to go for a run, so I thought I’d try out the 1.1 kilometers around the Lough. It was a lovely, easy run, very flat and picturesque. Just had to watch out for the occasional animal feces and be aware of the birds that love to congregate on the sidewalk.

Got back to my room, showered and waited for my face to become less red over a second cup of tea, and headed out to my first class. I don’t know what exactly is going on lately, but I was tired all day. Once I made lunch, I went down for a nap that I wasn’t ready to finish by the time I needed to get up for my final class.

Oh, and I tried pancit canton, which doesn’t count as a sweet but it’ll go in my sweet reviews anyway.


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