Day 38

Feeling: sore shins, very tired, twitch in my left thumb
Tasting: chocolate nāked bar, blueberries with tahini and maple
Seeing: my friend Evangelina’s and my mom’s faces over Skype and Facetime respectively, the end of Portal 2
Hearing: the wind whining, a Night Vale podcast, Brian’s voice over Discord
Smelling: black pepper becoming aromatic in the pan with Brussels sprouts and red onion

Food Quality has actually been pretty interesting the last few classes. We’re learning about meats, which is kinda gross to me, and curing meats, which is surprisingly not that gross. There are so many different varieties of cured meats, as I imagine you know. Some of the difference come purely from where they are made, and also from the many different ways there are of curing it.

I was planning on making the hike to the music building to get some practice in before the trip this weekend, but the spasm in my left thumb made me think it should get some rest. And that I should get some rest, actually. So I took care of business at my place– laundry and taking out recycling and trash.

After the last class of the day, I met up with a director of one of the Drama Society’s short plays, for which I’m going to be choreographing stage combat. There’s plenty of violence throughout, which will give me lots of opportunity to practice my skills. And all of my choreography work is on one day (!) so it shouldn’t be too much of a disruption to my schedule.

I was so exhausted after, but I’m not sure how much was fatigue and how much was my incredibly sore leg muscles. Listening to Welcome to Night Vale helped me power through the 15-20-minute walk home.

I made dessert first, then shredded Brussels sprouts on toast. Then, because I needed more of course, I did another snack tasting! And then I stayed up too late watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and then chatting with Brian (first over Skype, then Discord) and then I beat Portal 2! And I had been staying up way too late so I went to sleep after that.


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