Day 43

Smelling: an almond pear cake baking in my apartment
Seeing: the River Lee slowly flowing, the lights of the houses on top of the hill
Feeling: cold hands, a bit of a stomachache
Tasting: roasted cauliflower, avocado on rye cracker
Hearing: my own voice read the Tashlich prayers

I’m skipping over Day 42 because I’ve gotten kinda far behind on blogging and not much happened then. I guess the most unusual thing was that I went to one of the Drama Society’s rehearsals to choreograph the fights for it. That was interesting– the whole crew was very enthusiastic and had lots of input. Some of it was helpful but took some getting used to. Like I’m very used to being in a rehearsal setting where directions come from some few specified people, and don’t take directions from anyone else.

Tuesday (Day 43) was a pretty standard day of classes. In Drama, we made a visit to the Glucksman Gallery on campus, where I had been meaning to go for a little while. I had been there for brunch, but not to actually peruse any exhibit. And I still have more to see– we were only supposed to look at three pieces. Which I did, and then I dipped because I had to get back to my place to bake a cake.

The lady that coordinates my transportation and such to the Munster Jewish Community events said that she couldn’t eat gluten, and whenever I receive a baking/cooking challenge I take it.

After the cake was done I went to my last class of the day, where we began discussing The Revenger’s Tragedy. I’m liking it, and the whole genre of revenge tragedy, more than I liked Epicene and city comedy. There’s also a film version of it starring Chris Eccleston, which looks like it’ll be good.

I ate as much as necessary before the sun went down, then went to an empty carpark by the River Lee to do Tashlich, to the best of my ability, by myself.


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