Sweet Review #5: Cadbury Roses

Impromptu review of the sweets we found lying on a table for us.

Cadbury roses are your standard filled-chocolate kinda deal. I found it interesting how weak the chocolate shell was, but structurally and in flavor. Like it was more of a caramel+nougat pill with a light coating of chocolate.

But still, I liked how the purple and gold one has a light crunch and almond flavor without being overwhelmingly about the crunch. I think that’s what makes some biscuit-containing chocolate bars overwhelming; they make it too much about the biscuit.

IMG_0183.JPGIMG_0185.JPGAfter getting back to Cork, I tried a Cadbury Rose that was actually shaped as a rose.This was just milk chocolate filled with milk chocolate ganache, and it was fantastic. Like if someone were actually giving me these as a gift instead of a rose, I would be happy. Which isn’t saying much because as nice as roses are, I don’t spend 90% of my mental capacity thinking about them.



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