Day 44

Feeling: hungry, cold extremities, very full, caffeinated
Hearing: an unsynchronized chorus of voices sing various tunes of the Yom Kippur service, my own voice read Jonah (in English)
Seeing: the sun set, the lights of Cork City
Tasting: the best honey cake I’ve ever had, some very strong coffee
Smelling: a slightly raw-fish smell, vegetables roasted in olive oil (in our kitchen)

Since I had been fasting beginning the night before, and not going to any classes, I wasn’t in any rush to get up. Or really do anything. Which I didn’t. So let’s skip ahead to the part where I went outside.

I picked up my bag with the cake in it, and began the walk to the hotel where I was to be picked up. It was in a part of town I hadn’t been to before, and even though I followed the Google Maps directions to a T, they didn’t take me all the way there. I had to ask a local, but thankfully found the hotel, my ride, and made it to the house with four minutes to spare (not like the service was going to start on the dot anyway).

The service was nice– I read part of the Jonah haftarah, and afterwards, people told me that I read “beautifully.” It was an unexpected compliment, since it was in English and I didn’t really think that anyone paid too much attention to the beauty of spoken English. But thank you, nonetheless.

The break fast was great, and my gluten-free almond pear cake was a hit. I, regrettably, drank way too much caffeine for no good reason.

I caught a ride home with a family who were visiting Cork for the holiday and were staying in a hotel in the city center. The so kindly offered for me and the other congregant with us to join them for dinner. Of course, I was stuffed and had eaten enough dessert for a week, but wanted to spend time with them. So I had a tea and an appetizer that turned out to be large enough for an entrée, imo.

It was a really nice night, but I had to get back so I could go to my class in the morning. The cab driver who took me back was very friendly and we discussed the history of Jews in Cork and how they’ve mostly faded away. When I told him I would be in Ireland for Christmas, he recommended that I go to a certain hotel since they set it up very nicely for Christmastime.

I had a damn hard time falling and staying asleep, but that’s just how it was that night.


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