Day 45

Seeing: an empty lecture theatre, early 90’s special effects, the sun illuminate the walls of the quad
Tasting: good rich almond hot chocolate, a quesadilla filled with cheddar and mozz and kidney beans
Smelling: oh my gosh I’ve cleaned my bathroom so many times why does it still smell like this
Feeling: crisp clear air, my soft throw blanket wrapped around me, sleep inertia after my nap
Hearing: my Food Quality professor explain how lactose in solution reaches equilibrium between alpha- and beta-lactose

Got up bright and early to go to my nine a.m., then found that there wasn’t anyone there. So I figured that I’d sit in the library and read The Revenger’s Tragedy, but once I got settled into a chair I remembered that I don’t carry my laptop with me nearly as much as I did in Maryland. So I just sort of scrolled through Instagram and let my mind go slack for a little too long, then got back to the apartment and got some fruit and veg on the way. And on the way back from my slightly later class, I got the eggs that I forgot to get the first time around.

I took a nap, went to my final class, and had dinner. The LGBT+ Society was holding a campfire event, which I went to a little bit of, but left early so I could keep my movie plans.  And while I look forward to doing more with that society, it maybe wasn’t the best setting to meet new people in, what with it being very dark. Laura came over and we watched another Hallowmonth movie, Army of Darkness. It’s one of the worst movies I’ve seen, which is exactly what Halloween is about. Don’t get me wrong, it was still very fun to watch. And surprisingly colonialist.


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