Day 46

Smelling: a garbage truck drive by
Feeling: a painful twinge in my hands and wrists, cold fingers
Hearing: very loud “tropical house” music, the rush of traffic in the rain by Patrick’s Quay
Tasting: spirulina gelato
Seeing: rain start to fall, turquoise balloons

This morning I thought, maybe I’ll try Olympic weightlifting even though I’m 90% sure there won’t be five other students there. And I was right, I was the only person to show up. But a coach, whose name I don’t remember, did come, even if ten minutes late (despite how I was always told that training starts on the dot), and he said we could do my first training that morning anyway.

There’s a lot of momentum created by bouncing involved in weightlifting, definitely not what I’m used to from powerlifting. And there are so many more technicalities– which I kinda like because it reminds me of fencing. But when the coach asked me when I plan to come back, I couldn’t honestly answer. First because my hands felt like they were getting destroyed, and piano matters a little more to me than weightlifting right now. Second because I mostly want to be in a club so I can actually make friends here. I can’t make as many of the afternoon/evening sessions as the morning ones, and in my experience the morning ones have been empty (and the evening ones full, according to the coach). And I honestly don’t feel as safe learning this without one-on-one coaching, which I wouldn’t get if I went to the more popular times.

Also, I hate getting used to kilos.

I went grocery shopping and had everything delivered because no way were my hands ready to carry heavy things again already.

The afternoon was spent in a sort of semi-productive lull that turned into a nap. But I made sure to wake up in time to go to the ribbon cutting of a new gelateria in the city centre. Why a ribbon cutting for a gelateria? Well, apparently gelato is rather rare in Cork. It was something I thought I’d noticed, but thought I was just a misperception. It was a little awkward, first because there were two employees and the Lord Mayor trying to officiate a commercial opening ceremony on the small sidewalk, and then because the employees were trying to hand out samples in a tiny, crowded store. img_0242

I nabbed a spoon embedded in a chocolate-covered scoop of banana and chocolate, and what looked like a mini cannoli filled with vanilla gelato.


I could have just been satisfied with my delicious free samples and dipped (pun intended), but I just couldn’t stop staring at the display. I spent way too much time staring at it before asking for a sample of the pale blue “Spiruli Seaweed” gelato. Oh and, when they give you a sample, they give you basically a miniature scoop. It didn’t taste seaweedy at all– really just like sweet cream. Really, really good sweet cream. Then I spent way too long trying to decide if I should just get a scoop, or a shake.

I saw that they had the wide straws, which I needed to drink bubble tea, so a shake it was. I was a little concerned because my last milkshake experience wasn’t good, but this was.img_0248

On the way back I stopped by the co-op. I had hardly eaten any vegetables that day, so I looked at their selection. It was alright, but I also knew I wasn’t going to cook, so I picked up a salad. And I saw a sandwich that looked amazing so I thought I might as well squirrel that away for tomorrow.

I Skyped with Brian, and we played co-op on Portal 2 for the first time. Which was so damn fun. Not surprisingly, because he’s pretty fun I guess.


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