Day 47

Tasting: a sandwich (brie, mozzarella, tomato, fig, pesto, lettuce)
Smelling: a sort of smoky smell in the hall, a sweet potato fresh from the microwave, turmeric-spiced almond milk
Seeing: the shop attendant in the vegetable store standing to the side in front of a space heater, my ballot
Hearing: the cardio machines, rain fall
Feeling: way too cold, adhesive tape sticking to fingers as I try to assemble and mail my ballot

It was an empty apartment day, which essentially meant leaving my notebooks on the kitchen table, using the counter as a stand-up desk, and playing loud music from my laptop.

I tried to go to a fitness class in the morning, but it was all filled up and apparently I needed to book it ahead of time? That’s a problem for future me to solve. I decided I might as well get some cardio in while I was there, and learned that the mountain climber machine’s interface is no less of a monster than the elliptical’s.

I finally mailed my absentee ballot. Apparently it’s not too late to do so? Don’t fact-check me on that, I don’t wanna know.

I took a nap, then woke up at four p.m. to work on my Drama project. Sara came over and we worked on schoolwork side-by-side in the kitchen. Of course since I’m a gracious host and we’re in Ireland and Sara likes tea, I made us some cups of green tea. I realized this morning that this is why I have a teapot– so I can make multiple cups of tea for multiple people instead of making my guests deal with teabags. Oh well, next time I’ll be better.

I talked and played some Portal 2 co-op with Brian for a bit, then got myself together to meet some friends at a bar in the city centre. I had been in a sweater and sweatpants all day so naturally I changed into my sequined sweatpants. I wasn’t really sure what to wear on top that would keep me warm and still look nice, so when I threw my raincoat over top and went outside, I was chilled to the bone.

Before I could even cross the River Lee, I luckily ran into the group I was going to meet up with. They were no more dressed up than me (thank goodness) and they told me that it was a 23+ up night– common for weekends so they keep the college kids out of bars. So, relatively early bedtime?

Not really. I decided to get some more schoolwork done, then passed out around 1.


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