CaffiNative #1: Café Depeche

the glug: a wide range of espresso drinks, flavored espresso drinks (with both classic and novelty flavors), herbal-infused teas and tisanes, frappés, chais in various flavors, and non-caffeinated stuff as well (cider, hot chocolate, cioconat, and shakes).
the flavors generally don’t stray too far from the expected (caramel, mocha, cinnamon, mint), but there are some pretty innovative specials and creations.

the grub: a bountiful glass case of tarts, cakes, sandwiches, and muffins, behind several glass jars of cookies. the sweets are rather heavy– chocolate cakes and custard tarts, nothing that could be passed off as breakfast (i.e. croissants). i also saw some packages of nuts for sale.

the service: you’ll have a barista greet you just about as soon as you enter. if you takeaway, you’ll have your drink right quickly. if you stay, they’ll bring your order to you and you’ll pay when you’re finished.

the sounds: who else but depeche mode

the aesthetic: new-painted walls juxtaposed with unfinished brick, depeche mode posters, burlap benches, worn wood tables

the vessels: ceramic, rough glazed cups and saucers for lattes. mason jar mugs with metal spoons and plastic straws for cold drinks.

the baristas: friendly, warm, young, attentive

the clientele: older, usually solitary men to stay. younger people usually take away.

accept card? not sure, i’ve only paid with cash

the weaknesses: very small, so it’s not the place for a group hang. the staff take a while to pick up the used dishes on the tables. there are also magazines on the tables, which is just a personal peeve. the front door stays open (but i imagine they’ll close it once it gets colder). no public wi-fi as far as i know. they’re a bit disorganized, so you will find staff lugging heavy parcels through the narrow spaces.

the strengths: lovely view. good for a long stay. you won’t go hungry here. i feel comfortable and safe here. there’s also a refrigerator cabinet of goodies (like drink mixes) for sale.

price range: not too bad for what feels like a truly homegrown café.


yuzu frappe with skim milk, 3.50
caramel soy latte








avocado and egg bap (5.50) with east african green tea (2.00). this was my first “bap.” and, the tea was one of the best greens i’d ever had. it was so cherry-ish and mulchy, with no umami aftertaste. not like i don’t love an umami aftertaste.

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