Day 48

Smelling: the almost sharp-cheese smell of pear and chocolate scones baking
Seeing: the sun begin to set on rainy sidewalks
Hearing: heavy rainfall
Feeling: chilled to the bone at my own desk, rather productive
Tasting: a Pink Lady apple

Yesterday I’d planned to go to Dublin today, which I decided not to make happen. I’m actually pretty glad, even if the main purpose was to take part in Sukkot services at the synagogue there.

I started off my morning with trying my hand at baking scones, and it was wonderful. I’m very lucky that I get to continue baking where I am.

I ventured back to the gelateria because I saw that they had a chocolate Beamish flavor for Taste Cork week (ending today). Earlier I messaged the shop’s Facebook page to confirm they had it, and was informed that there was a fresh tray being made. Gotta love the freshness of gelato. 

But when I arrived, the person who emailed me told me that the new recipe he tried didn’t work, but he’d email me if he made it again. I felt a little bad for delaying the small queue behind me (even if the singleness of the attendant would ensure slow service anyway), but didn’t really want any gelato before dinner, so I bought a box of the blue Spiruli Seaweed gelato to take home. Sure, I still had an almost-full carton of dairy-free vanilla ice cream at home, but how could I resist the pale turquoise of spirulina?

The part about making a recipe that didn’t work made me think about how food businesses are run. About the risk of loss that comes with experimentation.

The day was mostly chilling and doing schoolwork. No incidents to report.


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