Day 50

Feeling: caffeinated, sweaty, cold hands, happy, heavy backpack
Tasting: a latte with a drizzle of caramel
Smelling: a heavy scent of beer in a pub, a dance studio that hadn’t been cleaned recently enough
Seeing: the saturated red lighting and velvet curtains, the city early in the morning, the city late at night, parents and students hella dressed-up and snazzy
Hearing: a high-energy jazz ensemble, Depeche Mode being played in a café, really really way too loud music being played in ballet

Yesterday’s post was cancelled due to moodiness and not wanting to write about it.

I woke up early to go to a fitness class. Like, really really early. Like the sun was rising at the end of class. I had never been outside so early in the morning while it had been so dark before, at it was a little scary. Like I’m not worried about being a victim of violent crime around here, but just seeing it in a new light (or lack thereof) was a little unnerving.

I had plans to check out a café that was on the way to my ten o’clock class, and oh my. It was awesome. Maybe I’m just kind of easy to please in terms of “places I’d rather be instead of giving my presentation this morning,” but my caramel latte was truly top-notch (even if I’d ordered a salted caramel latte).

It was Café Depeche, which as you might have guessed is a Depeche Mode-themed café. Not their drinks or pastries, but the decor and background music of course is. Even though I’m trying to go out to cafés more, and a wide variety of them, I know I’ll definitely be coming back here because it’s both convenient and awesome. Also, I need to check out Depeche Mode. I think I’ll actually start a section on this blog where I review the different cafés I frequent. I’ll give my first impressions of course, but go back and edit if my observations change over time.

Class, and my presentation, actually went pretty well. I of course forgot/skipped over/jumbled up half of everything I wanted to say, but two students gave me some positive feedback afterwards. And the activity that we did in that class included making shadow puppets. Drama class is basically 3rd grade in lecture, college for homework. I love it.

I put a podcast in my ears and went up to the music building. I had a lunch of quinoa with tahini and vegetables packed down over some kale packed in my backpack, which I ate in the building’s canteen. The only other student in the canteen was a third-year classical piano major, and we struck up a bit of small talk. She was really nice; she left to go to a café and I had to go find a practice room before she came back, but I hope we cross paths again. Practice felt better today, too. My head was clearer, the piano tuned better, my phone’s internet connection stronger.

I went back to the apartment and started working on the logo on the shirt for my Halloween costume. Went to my final lecture, dashed back and ate some dinner, went back out again to see a free public lecture on Shakespeare’s earliest works. Hung out for a bit in the library to read more of The Revenger’s Tragedy for English, then went to the gym for ballet class.

The class was beginner’s ballet, but it actually felt like it was for beginners. The beginner ballet classes I had gone to in the past were still a little fast-paced, but I didn’t feel too lost here. And the teacher was a substitute for the regular teacher and admitted to not entirely knowing what she was doing, so it was pretty chill.

I ran back to my place, changed into a vaguely going-out outfit (sequined sweatpants woooo) and met some friends at the cutest hole-in-the-wall venue to watch some really great jazz. We’re definitely going back there.


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