Day 51

Tasting: a yuzu frappe, cheeses including a gouda, cheddar, and aged goat cheese, salted butter and maple syrup.
Smelling: a rehearsal room that needs a cleaning, an apple tart baking
Hearing: “You Can Call Me Al”, someone behind me in Food Law coughing way too loudly in my ear repeatedly, a Welcome to Night Vale podcast
Feeling: so bored in Food Law, warm enough
Seeing: the pages of The Revenger’s Tragedy, a bench that had just been painted

I woke up early to make an apple tart for the hangout that my friends and I were going to have that night. It turned out well, but the crust got a little burnt. And, I found out that the butter I’d been using for my pastries all along was salted, while I had thought it was unsalted. I felt rather salty about it.

I caught up on The Revenger’s Tragedy, went to classes, started to re-read it in Café Depeche (more carefully this time, since we have an exam coming up). I want to try all the fancy drinks that they have there, but I realize that I should go light on the drinkable sugar. So I can focus more on the edible sugar. And appreciate the espresso and tea itself, of course.



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