Sweet Review #6: Dark Chocolate Digestive Nibbles

Dark chocolate: something adults like. Digestives: a biscuit that adults dip in their tea. Probably. I don’t pretend to fully understand British Isles culture yet. So, dark chocolate covered Digestives: an adult treat. So, does making them into “nibbles” (chocolate-covered cookie balls) make them more grown-up, or less?

On one hand, they’re smaller. That suggests that they’re meant for smaller/younger people. The word “nibbles” is also something you associate with tiny woodland creatures like ducklings, fawns, bunnies, and me at age six.

On the other hand, smaller foods and nibbling suggest portion control. Self-restraint. Those are things for adults. In addition, small parts are hazardous for those who haven’t had enough years in the art of careful chewing.

Anyway, the sweet itself is sort of like a Malteaser (or Whopper, for Americans [note: even if the concepts are the same, Malteasers are infinitely better]) but with more crunch and less chocolate. The chocolate is distinctly dark and also tastes like chocolate frosting. Would pair well with a cheap white Zinfandel, or something. This is for grown-ups, after all.


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