Day 52

Tasting: shrimp and duck dumplings, Irish affogato
Seeing: the bars and clubs hoppin’ downtown, a candle on the table
Smelling: that theatre smell, turmeric and ginger oatmeal
Feeling: a bit of a stomachache, caffeinated, biscotti crunch between my teeth, sore feet, hunger pangs waking me up
Hearing: elevator music on loop, Chumbawumba

After a sorta late night, I thought I would wake up just in time for my early class, but nope. Up way earlier than I intended and sipping on black tea with one of my scones.

After some particularly dry food science classes, I found the 2002 film version of the play we were reading in English, The Revenger’s Tragedy. I had seen screencaps of it on the lecture slides, and was excited for the aesthetic. The lecturer called it a “post-apocalyptic Liverpool,” which I can confirm as pretty accurate. But when watching it, I was heavily reminded of another production I saw by the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Titus AndronicusTitus is also a revenge tragedy. I wonder if the designers for the CSC show took inspiration from the film.

After my last class, Laura and I went to check out a dim sum place. The dim sum place in Cork. I had gotten a craving for it after seeing a video about making soup dumplings. The restaurant was charming, but the menus were confusing. The Chinese menu (which was also in English) had very different items than the English menu. And when we didn’t see any dumplings on either (even though I saw online that they’d served them), they gave us a separate dumplings menu. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Anyway, what we got was absolutely delicious.


terrifying face swap

We then went to the Hi-5 short plays festival, which were five student-written 10-minute plays presented by the drama society. I had done the fight choreography for one of them. The plays were very okay, and you could tell they were written by students. I’ll definitely write about the show for my drama blog, so I won’t put too much detail here.


I was somehow still hungry after the show, so Laura and I roamed into town looking for a dessert place. We passed by a fancy-looking grill restaurant which had a pretty solid dessert menu. When I saw that they had “Irish affogato,” which was an affogato (something I hadn’t had in too long!) with Bailey’s.

I remember when I first arrived here, I had the idea that I wasn’t going to go out to eat that much, but now I realize what a great way to get to know a city, bond with people, and just generally enjoy life.


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