Day 53

Tasting: a grilled cheese with chèvre and mozz and red onion, warm poppyseed challah
Smelling: roasted parsnips with apple peel
Hearing: Brian’s voice, “Piledriver Waltz”
Seeing: a grey sky over the local neighborhood, my mom FaceTiming me on a beach
Feeling: a sore tailbone, kinda lost in class

My main goal for this morning was to get to a fitness class, and I did. Very early. Which left me to muddle around flipping through my emails until the class started. I kicked its ass, but it kicked my abs. Oy, I’m going to be feeling my core for a while.

After my class, the rest of the day was basically Chillout City. FaceTimed Shabbat with my mom while she was on a beach near Irvine, co-opped Portal 2 with Brian, roasted some root veggies, made a kickass grilled cheese. My roommate Faustine’s parents were over, and I found her mom cleaning the kitchen! I told her that she didn’t need to, but she said that she would because she cooked lunch there.

I realized while playing with Brian how tired I was, as I was sorta out of it the whole time and had him carry the game. I should have gone to bed far earlier than I ended up doing, but I did go to bed earlier than I had.


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