Day 54

Seeing: the light shine over clouds, a pretty good practice room, zombie costumes on humans and dogs
Smelling: weed being smoked in the beer garden, the best green tea I’ve ever had (grassy and mulchy and cherrylike)
Feeling: really cold, tongue burns
Tasting: roasted root veggies and challah with honey, an egg and avocado sandwich, a sponge cake shaped as a skull
Hearing: old Irish people cackling so hard they cough, zombie noises

I willed myself to sleep in til eight, and went for breakfast at Depeche. I then had a good practice session in the music building, even if I got pushed around from room to room a bit.

The pace of the day was nice and slow. After buying some vegetarian products at the co-op, and some sewing supplies at a sewing machine shop/alterations place, I worked on my Halloween costume and read more of The Revenger’s Tragedy. Before I knew it, it was time to go to the opera house to start volunteering for the Zombie Walk.

I had gotten an email from the Irish Guide Dogs organization saying that they needed volunteers for the walk, and I figured I had nothing better to do that night and wanted to give a little tzedakah. The participants all dressed up as zombies and paid five euros to participate, and their dedication was truly admirable. I’ve never been a huge zombie fan in general, but when I see all the types of zombies there can be, I get inspired. There was a zombie ostrich rider, a zombie goth hooker, a zombie hurler, a zombie pencil-pusher (with a pencil through his nose), a zombie prairie woman, and a “best-dressed 2016” zombie. To name a few examples. I remember some schoolkids coming up to some slightly older schoolkid participants asking “why do you look like that.”

My volunteer work consisted of registering people, then standing at crosswalks and pressing the button and making sure that they didn’t cross without the green guy coming on the sign. And then taking back the money and pledge forms to the tattoo shop that was HQ for the night. Then was the afterparty in a very cool bar with good music, to which I will definitely be returning.

I hadn’t really had dinner, so when I returned I made French toast with the leftover challah from Shabbat for myself and my roommate. We made plans to get American brunch tomorrow, and I’m excited.


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