Day 55

Feeling: thick syrup stick in my teeth, burnt tongue, stale corn chips crunching, a deep unbleeding cut on my right index finger
Smelling: steamed milk, very hungry, wide awake
Hearing: soul music rumble through speakers
Seeing: a waterfall hidden in a little alley, sunset-lit clouds, a department store with Christmas decorations up already
Tasting: salty-sweet blueberry pancakes, some salsa that tastes different than salsa

I woke up at five and had five small breakfasts in an attempt to get a reasonable amount of sleep after last night, and subsequently had a sixth, which was brunch. Erin and I found a bar/pub that specializes in bourbon and American food with a small brunch menu of pancakes, grilled cheese, and skillets. They were playing soul music through the speakers, which was perfect because that’s exactly what I want to listen to on Sunday mornings, for some reason.

While the smoked mushroom grilled cheese sounded absolutely breathtaking, and the mac n cheese grilled cheese sounds like it would take away my breath via cardiac arrest, it was some blueberry pancakes I was really jonesing for. I liked how they put blueberries both in the cakes and the syrup, but the fact that they heat-infused the syrup so long made it seriously reduced and it was very heavy and thick, overwhelming the stack. Still a delicious meal though, and a cool venue that made me nostalgic for Winston-Salem. Would you believe that I was still hungry after returning to the apartment?!

I remarked how there were so many American-style restaurants on that street where we brunched, and Erin remarked how we were in a part of town that served tourists more than students. Oh yeah, so the burger places are geared towards the American tourists. It was American Ireland, the counterpart to Irish America with its bountiful Irish pubs. It’s a real thing, y’all lads.

We stopped by Penney’s on the way back, where I bought shoes for my Halloween costume. The rest of the day was finishing reading The Revenger’s Tragedy, studying, finishing the lettering on my costume shirt, starting Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, cooking red wine spaghetti with Brussels sprouts (and Frankie Celenza commented on my Instagram post of it!), co-oping Portal 2 with you-know-who, and finishing The Revenger’s Tragedy film with Sam.


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