CaffiNative #2: The White Rabbit

the white rabbit is mostly a bar, but i’m reviewing its café aspects because that’s the only way i’ve experienced it so far.

the glug: your basic assortments of espresso and milk. apparently double shots.

the grub: plenty of bbq meat and some small southern american sides (some of which are vegan and vegetarian). but what we came here for was brunch. the brunch menu, on weekend mornings, has three choices of pancakes, three grilled cheeses, and two skillets. a short stack of pancakes is three small ones. instead of a “tall stack,” they say “long stack.” lost in translation, or do some parts of the south say that?

the service: typical irish casual sit-down, it seems: order at your table, they’ll take your empty cups away from you and check in on you but mostly leave you be. pay at the bar.

the sounds: really good soul

the aesthetic: unfinished corrugated metal walls, spray-painted murals, worn-down hardwood tables, colorful modern art canvasses, a bar covered in enameled comic book pages

the vessels: tall white cappuccino cups with matching saucers and the maher’s logo

the baristas: friendly young women with cool outfits and body mods

the clientele: it was pretty empty when we went, but there were plenty of late 20’s-30’s couples, and probably tourists (especially americans)

accept card: yes, 10 euro minimum

the weaknesses: they took a little while with the pancakes, but that was probably because we got there right as they opened.

the strengths: great vibes, made me feel at home, probably also a great bar (specializing in bourbon)

price range: not cheap, but fair for what you get

cappuccino. rich and mild espresso with the freshest steamed milk.
short stack of blueberry pancakes. tender and salty-sweet, but don’t waste so much time photographing it like i did– the maple syrup has been cooked with the blueberries so intensely that it’ll stiffen up fast.

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