Sweet Review #7: Parma Violets and Drumstick

This was the only picture I got, but I think it captures the Halloween spirit.

Finally, some honest-to-goodness colored sugar instead of all this grown-up chocolate business.

When I volunteered at the Zombie Walk this past Saturday, I was a bit late to the sweets table. But I did go back later and pick up a few scraps I hadn’t tried before.

First I had the Parma Violets. Okay, so maybe we’re still a little adult here, as violet candies were popular with smokers to mask their tobacco breath. And besides, no child really craves the smell of baby powder. That’s the other side to this coin, though– Parma Violets aren’t too too adult because, as I figured out recently, the smell of baby powder is violet perfume.

The sweets themselves were basically Smarties (not the M&M’s copycats) but all pale purple (nice #aesthetic) and in similar roll packaging. Of course I devoured them all at once.

I think this calls for a rating system inspired by fellow Baltimorons, Junk Banter. (Or at least one of them is from Baltimore.)

Aesthetic rating: 9/10
Excitement rating: 5/10
Overall rating: 6.5/10

Because we were in a bar afterwards, and I am, as has been established, an Adult, I sucked on a lollipop and held the stuffed dog I’d received as a thank-you gift. Only this lollipop, a Drumstick, was basically taffy on a stick.

I don’t know what flavor it was supposed to be, but it tasted like candy corn. This was both 1) very welcome, as I miss candy corn, and 2) probably psychologically suggested because the wrapper was orange and black, Halloween colors.

Not getting stuck in that crack in my canine that the dentist never fixed rating: 0/10
Making me feel like a child in American rating: 8/10
Overall: 4/10


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