Day 56

Feeling: pleasantly crisp, clear weather, warm hands, sweaty face
Tasting: chocolate berry overnight oatmeal
Hearing: pop song remixes from 2010
Smelling: spices frying in the skillet
Seeing: ending credits of Portal 2

Somehow, it felt like a very long day. I went to an early fitness class, came back and had tea and a scone and wrote a post Even though I was all prepped and ready to go to my ten a.m., I kept going back inside to get something that I’d forgotten, so I made myself very late. I figured, screw it, this is the class where the lecturer just reads off the document that we all have. Might as well stay in and be productive and get to the music building even sooner. So I wrote another post and went up to practice.

Practice is going better than it was before. I mean, there are still people trying to walk in on me, and teachers having rooms reserved even though it doesn’t say so on the timetable, but I’m getting the hang of what I need to do again.

I ate my packed lunch in the canteen, and went to my one p.m. For some reason I did the thing that I did last week, where I think that my class is in the West Wing instead of in Kane, and wait in the cool stone halls of WW before realizing I’ve been barking up the wrong tree, but not regretting it because I would rather be spending thirty seconds in WW for every minute in Kane.

The rest of the day I spent in that sort of half-productive, half-chill state. I went over some information for my first exam tomorrow (!) and got some Drama work done.

I made a pretty good dinner and a lunch for tomorrow and the next few days that I bet will be fantastic. Also, Brian and I finished Portal 2 co-op! I did not expect that ending. It was kinda fucked up.

I really need to get to bed earlier.


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