Day 58

Seeing: more building demolition, Shaun of the Dead
Tasting: Chemex, peanut butter and pumpkin spice on a sweet potato
Smelling: microwave popcorn, spiced fruit bread baking
Feeling: like I’m floating on air, scratchy stretchy fabric
Hearing: myself sounding pretty decent in jazz, the fire alarm

I used my class-free morning to bake barmbreac! Barmbreac, also known as the variations barn brack, or Irish tea loaf/bread, is a spiced quickbread with dried fruits soaked in tea (and sometimes whiskey). I didn’t add enough leavening, so it didn’t rise as much as I’d wanted it to. But it smelled great. I didn’t know how it tasted because you’re supposed to wait a few days before cutting it.

I spent about an hour and 6.5 euros in one of my favorite coffeeshops so far, and I tried Chemex for the first time. It tasted good, and was very strong. The buzz lasted for a very long time.

And although I thought that buzz would be necessary for carrying me through my two lectures, but one of them was delayed by a fire drill and subsequently cancelled by nature of the professor (and most students) not showing up. So Sam and I went to go chill in the library until my next class.

Jazz ensemble went pretty well. I actually felt like I knew what I was doing, and I got to sing!

Then Laura, Malama, Maddy and I went to see a screening of Shaun of the Dead and got free pizza and popcorn. That was basically my dinner (plus leftover Chinese takeout that they kindly gave me), and I can’t tell if I’m proud of myself for not spending any money on dinner or scared for my cardiac health.


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