Day 59

Feeling: tapioca bubbles, steam burns, ice-cold smoothie
Seeing: the sun rise, the shine on some finished dumplings, one of my classmates eat an apple in class without a single f*** given
Hearing: the Spotify “This Is Ireland” playlist, the class tittering when the professor singled me out to ask about Fahrenheit
Smelling: Nutella on toast, a dank classroom
Tasting: scallion/ginger/tofu dumplings with a dipping sauce of random things we found in Laura’s kitchen, orange mango smoothie

I started the day off with an early-morning workout of my own– the first time doing plain ol’ squats for a while! I treated myself to a protein smoothie afterwards, which I drank on the way to class. Thankfully it wasn’t freezing outside, so I wasn’t an ice block inside and out.

I had talked to the lecturer in the morning, and later in the afternoon when he was talking about freezer temperatures he casually pointed to me to ask about Fahrenheit (a question I didn’t know how to answer), and now the whole class knows my secret. Side note, I realized today that even though food science was the main draw to UCC, the classes are the most boring and the classmates are the least friendly.

I finally booked my trip to Florence today! I’m so excited to go back and see Corrina and have

The evening was spent making tofu dumplings with Laura. We also made dessert dumplings of Nutella and raspberry jam with the two extra wrappers. And bubble tea with green tea and milk, a mix of rainbow and classic black bubbles. The meal and the company was absolutely wonderful. I tried to Skype with Nehuen but sadly the internet connection was too poor.


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