Day 60

Seeing: a crowded bar, photos of my Halloween outfit, a pale blue pumpkin
a bit of a sting in my eye, sore calves
Smelling: good things baking
Tasting: leftover dumplings
Hearing: a cover band do Prince’s “Kiss,” Erin shouting at me in the courtyard from the balcony

Since my only lecture that day was cancelled, I decided that Friday was going to be my lazy day. Maybe I could have gone to the gym or practice room, but no, it was hardly even that kind of routine-upholding lazy day. This was a I’m-still-tired-no-matter-what-so-I’m-going-to-spend-all-morning-in-bed kind of lazy day. So I got up, had breakfast, and crawled back into bed to watch The Last Shadow Puppet’s concert from a couple weeks ago. I love that video so much. I had a tab with it open for what might be a week before I actually watched it, because I didn’t want to forget to watch. And holy cow was it worth it.

I put my laundry in the wash, went out to the co-op to buy a few things (mainly fine whole-wheat flour and a pumpkin), came back, put the laundry in the dryer, and went back out again to buy some cake from the Alternative Bread Company. It was a slice of three-layer fall cake– chocolate on top, pumpkin in the middle, and gingerbread on bottom, with a spiced and tangy cream cheese (?) frosting. I wanted to have it in my Portal photoshoot (because the cake is a lie), and I made my shopping trips extra inefficient as a way of getting myself to be even slightly active that day.

I baked some cookies in preparation to thank Kristen for the photoshoot she would do for my costume, and started on the pie for Laura’s birthday. I can write about the pie now because I’m writing this post belatedly, but Laura does follow this blog, so I can’t talk shit about her like I do all the time in real life.

Upon trying my costume on again, I realized that 1. the white tank top was too long and 2. I didn’t have the white wristband that Chell has. Easy solution: cut the bottom of the shirt off, and tie a strip of it around my wrist. The photoshoot with Kristen was so fun. I tried to look solemn and serious on camera sometimes but it was so hard not to laugh along with Kristen’s infectious laugh. Plus like, I did some pretty funny stuff on camera. It was also a riot to pose with a potato and a slice of cake while passersby shuffled along. Being in the courtyard where everyone could look in was probably fairly accurate to being in an Aperture Science test chamber.

Later that night I hung out with a few USAC pals before trying to go out to see some jazz, but they waited a little too long (against my constant nagging) and everything was either 21+ or not playing jazz anymore. Laura messaged me to remind me that we were going to go currach rowing the next morning, so I dipped early and crashed into bed (after chatting with Brian).


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