Day 61

Smelling: woodsmoke, candied citrus peel in black tea, chocolate/apple pie
Seeing: the gym relatively quiet, the inside of the gym showers, blacklights in the restrooms, the just-okay motion picture Doctor Strange
Tasting: gummi candies, pumpkin curry tofu, hot chocolate at the perfect temperature
Hearing: three Dutch brass bands play on the street together
Feeling: sweat run down my face, very hungry, clothing on my slightly damp skin

I was surprised when I woke up at 6:40 and felt completely awake. When I saw my that my phone’s side-by-side “roaming” and “home” times were only four instead of five hours apart, I remembered that daylight savings had occurred.

I ate the rest of my practice brack with peanut butter (a flavor that was very nostalgic for  me) baked another barmbrack, this time with a different recipe (by the lovely Donal Skehan!) and including a ring, and I think this one will turn out better. I can’t wait to bring it to the party tomorrow so someone can get the ring in their slice, but I will almost certainly be eating some for breakfast.

I went to the practice room, and met one of my friends at a spin class– only the second one I’ve ever taken. It wasn’t my favorite form of group exercise, but I think I might try to do it more regularly so I can stay in shape for when I can actually go cycling again.

It was my first time showering at the gym (and at any gym since I was like, six), and the facilities ain’t bad. Awkward thing was that as I was trying to get to my locker, someone decided to sit right in front of my locker, read some kind of paper document, and not move even as I was trying to get into my locker.

We made a pit stop at our apartment to put our stuff away and stuff as much foodstuff as we could into our mouths and purses before heading to the movie. I brought the rest of my Irish chocolate treats, and gobbled up various soy and grain products (I know, sounds delicious).

The cinema was small, but impressive. Like the bathrooms have blue light in them and there’s a huge pick-n-mix selection, which reminds me of the cinemas in Belgium. Oh, and the tickets were very inexpensive.

After the movie I went by myself over to a bar where I thought I would see a certain band at four, since none of the people I’d seen the movie with were up to staying out more. But after ordering a pint I asked a bartender where the band would play and she told me it wasn’t showtime until 10:30 that night. And the Facebook event said 9:30, so who even knows.

I got some Japanese takeaway (pumpkin tofu curry, oh my gosh so good) from a place I had wanted to try. On the way back I did get to see some music– three Dutch brass bands who performed outside of Cork Opera House! And it was still worth it to go out on my own, as I saw that Loudon Wainwright was playing tomorrow night and I just had this sense that I would be able to get a ticket. Which I did.

I bought some hot chocolate from USAC friends for their business class project, then devoured my curry and talked with Brian and here I am and Halloween is tomorrow and it was a good day.


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