Sweet Review #8: Starmix and Minstrels


About damn time for another Sweet Review! Unfortunately I only have pictures for one of them but that’s okay.

I went to the movies to see Doctor Strange yesterday, and even though I stuffed some chocolates in my purse, of course I wanted to try everything. First was Galaxy’s “Minstrels,” which my friends thought was really weird; they weren’t sure what to make of it. They were just large milk chocolate drops covered in a chocolatey candy coating, but there was something slightly off about the flavor. Maybe a little overpoweringly sweet? I’m not sure myself. But they were just okay.

Also, are they called minstrels because they’re brown, and “minstrel shows” were blackface performances? Yikes.

I also tried Starmix, which was just a jumble of gummies. The heart tastes like cleaning fluid smells in a good way, if you feel me. Like tasty artificial sweetness.

People were always hyping up the gummi eggs talking about how weird they were, but they were very underwhelming– just a lemony yolk and a marshmallow-like white. I guess people find them weird because they’re eggs. As Brian put it later that day, “Chill fam.”

The gummi bears were gummi bears and the rings were rings, aka just fruity chews. And the ever-classic Coke bottles tasted nice and cola-ish.

I’m pretty sure none of these were vegetarian (probably had animal gelatin) but if no one warns me to my face beforehand, I sort of just go for it. 😐



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