Day 63

Tasting: okonomiyaki with sriracha yogurt, sweet veggie pizza
Seeing: the blurry sunset from my window, Polish and German experimental theatre videos, an exhibit in the campus art gallery
Feeling: caffeinated, very chilly, my tongue hurting less, soft dogs
Hearing: the scraping of a fork against a glass bowl
Smelling: bananas caramelize, gourmet pizza

I was going to exercise this morning, but decided that sleep would be a much better use of my time. And I’m glad I made that decision. I made a short stack of buckwheat pancakes with caramelized bananas and peanut butter between each slice. It’s something I like to do the day after Halloween.

My drama class in which I presented my video montage went better than I expected. I had a bit of practice up in the music building and ate the leftover half of the pancake stack and a tofu steak with tomatoes (just like a traditional steak-frites).

I returned a book to the library and pet some therapy dogs that were up for adoption outside the library, then went to the Glucksman café to force myself to write some lyrics. I was going to get a drink, but saw that they had pumpkin soup and it was exactly what I needed. And I also got to see some of an exhibit.

Later that night I went to the NetSoc’s Halloween event, mainly because I heard they would be playing horror games on an Oculus Rift. I tried and of course sucked at it, but I’m glad I went so I could 1. show off my costume and actually have people recognize it (and I got plenty of compliments!) 2. get myself to be social with non-international students and 3. eat some free pizza. There was a black pudding pizza there– maybe something to try another time if I feel like angering the Pescetarian Police.


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