CaffiNative #4: Alchemy

the glug: a different single-origin bean every day. can be quite variable in flavor one day to the next. your standard selection of milk and coffee. hot chocolate made with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows if you like. some soft drinks like root beer and san pelligrino. some tea. oh, and they have chemex as well.

the grub: a selection of sweet and savory pastries adorning the small counter. all appear to be vegetarian.

the service: rather slow, as there is just one barista on duty. order at the counter and they’ll bring your drink and warm pastry to your table.

the sounds: a spotify playlist created by one of the employees, with typical coffeehouse indie tunes, soul, as well as some chill atmospheric electronic.

the aesthetic: chairs upholstered with coffee bean sacks, bookshelves of worn books on the walls, art for sale, handwritten signs tacked up, leather couches.

the vessels: petit turquoise ceramics that may be handmade?, black napkins, standard metal cutlery

the baristas: youngish non-conformists who are quite friendly and will customise your order to your mood if you need help deciding what to get.

the clientele: rather diverse– people of all ages and walks of life stay and to take away. people working and studying on their laptops, pairs deep in conversation, plenty of musicians. oh yeah, musicians love this place.

accept card: yes

the weaknesses: rather claustrophobic– not great if you’re not tiny like me. one time when i selected a small open table, the two people next to me stood up and chose a different table so i wouldn’t hear their conversation. the door is left open and it’s hard to hide from the draft. no light dairy milk. it’s right on the street so

the strengths: free secure wi-fi (just ask for the password). excellent vibes. coconut and almond milk are some available. i feel very safe and cozy here, even if i’m on a burlap chair in the corner instead of a leather couch.

my first chemex! it was delicious– not too hot, and a very balanced pizza flavor. i know that sounds weird but hear me out. fruit+fat+carbs=balanced flavor (the rule of pb&j). pizza has that kinda thing going on. and this had the herbaceousness of pizza. it was also very strong and left me feeling like i was floating.

almond milk latte and a mushroom+herb roll. ordering almond milk was a mistake; the nuttiness didn’t pair well with the papaya-like flavor of the coffee. the roll was incredible and very flaky. i ate it with cutlery because it was provided, but i think i could’ve used my hands. i don’t know what the sauce was, but it was like bbq with sultanas.


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